Our Story

Finally Staffed simply and specifically addresses the friction encountered early in the hourly employee application process.   

While working with quick service restaurants (QSR) and retail stores, we developed a better, faster, and fullproof way to engage potential hourly staff.  Today we serve many franchisees, small business owners, and QSRs by materially increasing their applicant pool.  The team at Finally Staffed focuses on service and your success.  We are looking forward to making your staffing issues a thing of the past!

Leadership Team

Nick Nagy

CEo - finally staffed

Nick’s proud to have served our country as a United States Air Force veteran.  Nick brings more than 15 years of leadership and experience in the fields of technology, engineering and business consulting.  He’s spent much of his career helping businesses get results from today’s most effective digital tools.  Nick strives to provide other entrepreneurs and business leaders with the right solutions to succeed.

Jon Gillam

Vice president

Jon began his professional career as a chemical engineer.  Over the past 12 years, he has transitioned from design work to management, focusing on getting the most cost effective solutions and results from his people.  Jon oversees the day to day operations of Finally Staffed, with an eye on optimizing our processes.