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Text to Connect Immediately

Today we use text as our primary mode of communication. Utilize texting to connect faster than ever! Responsiveness to applicants fosters an instant connection providing a healthy start and first mover advantage for you, the potential employer.

Maximize Applicants

Start the application process with a text. Tap into a deeper talent pool of candidates that may not take the time to apply via the Internet. This creates a positive flow for your business streaming right to your bottom line. You will get the first shot at hiring the best possible candidates.  Employee turnover goes down, engagement goes up and your business runs smoother and more efficiently.

On-Board Quicker

Our service instantly connects you to applicants, allowing you to send short forms via text. From there, you can quickly screen candidates and save time.


Our Vision

Remove barriers and enable smart meaningful solutions for your restaurant or retail businesses hourly employee candidate pool.

What others are saying...

"Route 50 Location received 16 text applicants the first week! I love how easy it is to setup the interviews, I just text them"
Cheyenne Dwenger
Supervisor, Cincinnati, Ohio
"Works great! Really great idea. I love the new way vs the old way.
Carlos Madera
Director of Operations, Bishop, California
"If it's a hassle I'm going to somewhere else to apply..."
Generation Z, Applicant, Dallas, Texas

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